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10 March 2011

hE's dOeSn'T KnOw....

When i cry,i can close my eyes and clearly see that person
When i forget and ignore, i’ll remember that person even more
That person will come back, my heart is a see way with lies
you didn’t tell me, would come back.. only me who can only wait
It was a mistake to love you too much, a mistake to love you too much
Because of you, because of what I love, I suffer from waiting
To love you more was a mistake, a mistake to desire you so much
The breakup was so fast, if you forget love you’ll know more
To me you were my love, I knew that by myself
You left me, and went somewhere faraway
I should have loved you my whole life and now you’re going to forget me and go
You’re the one that I loved for my entire life
But you just left me with grief
I knew it all to myself
Because I loved you more, it’s a sin, because I missed you it was a sin
Because of you, I cried because of my sins
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